People hit hard following airport closure

Khanidanda airport, photo:
Khanidanda airport, photo:

KATHMANDU, Nepal-Flights to and from the Manamaya Rai Khanidanda Airport of Khotang district, located at the eastern belt of Nepal has been halted since the past one month after the runway turned into muddy and full of potholes due to incessant rainfall.

People who were already hit hard due to the disruptions of flights will have to suffer over one and half month since the airport will remain closed until mid-October for carrying out repair and maintenance works as well as for black topping the runway.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Khotang branch office, the will remain closed till the month of Asoj (mid-October).

Among the three airports in the district, the Khanidanda Airport is the nearest airport from the district headquarters, Diktel. The hardest hit due to the closure of flights have been the sick and elderly, reported local newspaper from the district.

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