Change traditional marketing scheme, travel trade associations asked NTB

Nepal Tourism Board, logo, file.
Nepal Tourism Board, logo, file.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-At a time Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) boasted of promoting tourism campaign successfully in national and international market, various travel trade associations operating in Nepal have asked the Board to modify its traditional marketing scheme to get benefitted from the mobility of tourists from around the world.

During an interaction programme held with various travel trade associations on its market strategies in Kathmandu on Thursday, they offered such suggestions to NTB.

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN), Himalaya Rescue Association (HRA), Adventure Sports Tourism Society (ASTS), Society of Travel and Tours Operators Nepal (SOTTO), Board of Airlines Representatives of Nepal (BARN) and Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF) took part at the interaction programme held Board.

While Santa Subba, president of HRA, suggested NTB to open a Tourism Crisis Response Center to address the crisis issue from one single center, representatives of VITOF asked Board to support their training drive on home stay.

On the occasion the representatives of the associations urged NTB to promote adventure sports like Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon, paragliding, bungee jumping, elephant polo, ultra light, elephant race and festivals in the international travel marts by publishing dedicated brochures.

“NTB welcomes the proactive and positive responses made by tourism associations. We need collaboration and cooperation of tourism associations to move ahead in the international market to achieve the desired goal,” a press statement by the Board further read.

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