Students paint facebook wall with all praise worthy words to their teachers

This is the photo with quotation that Uzwal Khanal posted on his facebook wall.
This is the photo with quotation that Uzwal Khanal posted on his facebook wall.

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Students here are celebrating the Teachers’ Day or Guru Poornima as an especial event. It seems that they are not in a mood to miss any opportunity to express their feeling towards their teachers in every way they can.

“They say that……Experience is the teacher… But for us having you as our teacher is the Best Experience,” Uzwal Khanal, a journalist and a lecturer quotes a saying in his facebook wall praising his teachers.

“The Guru is Brahma, the Guru is Vishnu, the Guru Deva is Maheswara (Shiva),The Guru is Verily the Para-Brahman. Salutations to that Guru,”

Anju Aryal, a nursing student at Norvic College of Nursing Studies wrote-

“Hapy teacher dy …..miss u salina n heleen Maam ….”

Deepa Subedi, a library science student and an employee at a private organization expresses her feelings towards her teachers writing- “happy teacher’s day to all my teachers”

Umesh Paudyal, a management student wrote, “happy guru purnima to all my teachers, guru and sadh guru,jai guru dev !!”

Laijina Shrestha wrote “LIfe is a learning process that continues till its existence ……even a minute things we learn in our lyfe is equally valuable n tht iz made possible smtymes by tyme or by individual’s in our lyfe ……m respectful n grateful to all individual’s in my lyfe who teach me a lesson to sustain my each sec of lyfe n move ahead either in theoritical manner or to be practical one…………”happy guru purnima”……………..”

Poonam Mandal, a medical science student and instructor at the same profession expressed “Respected teachers thank you for supporting, guiding and helping me in every step. wish you all a HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!!”


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