Carry out promotional activities to boost tourism; tourism entrepreneurs ask govt

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KATHMANDU, Nepal-Trekking and tourism entrepreneurs said the inflow of domestic as well as foreign tourists in Pokhara, one of the tourist hub cities of Nepal could be heightened only if promotion activities are executed throughout the year by organizing various programme. They have also stressed the need for regular promotional activities to elevate tourism in international market. During a programme in Pokhara they expressed strong dissatisfaction over the government policies regarding trekking and tourism policies.

On the occasion, trekking entrepreneurs complained that they are facing hard time as trekking routes have been sawed-off. The government has recently short cut Annapurna circuit trekking route, of late. The trekking route, which was a 3 weeks trek, can now be accomplished in just one week. They further expressed fear that the government might cut short other historical trekking routes in Nepal, warning that such initiation might force the tourist to cut short their Nepal trip, hampering the tourism activities in Nepal.

They further complained that the government is falling back when it comes to promotional activities. They have also stressed the need that NTB must develop a database of tourists. ‘Tourism promotional activities must be conducted regularly,’ said Ananda Raj Mulmi, former chairman of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Mulmi.

Chairman of Pokhara Tourism Council (PTC) Surya Bahadur Bhujel asked Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) to hold promotional activities at least thrice a year. Bhujel demanded Bokhara’s tourist destinations be promoted in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, among other South Asian countries.

On the occasion, chairman of Paschimanchal Hotel Entrepreneurs Association (PHEA) Hari Sharma stressed the need to evaluate promotional activities which were conducted in past. “It is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the past promotional activities,’ said Sharma adding the needs to spread physical infrastructures to swell tourists’ length of stay in Nepal, after developing more places where tourists spend time.

The government has aimed of brining in two million foreign tourists to Nepal by 2020, however, the tourism entrepreneurs said the target of two million tourists cannot be achieved under the existing situation.


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