Tourists arrival in Bhaktapur all time high

Photo: Nepal Mountain Focus/file
Photo: Nepal Mountain Focus/file.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-Bhaktapur Municipality, beautiful and rich in archeological heritage, has witnessed the highest number of tourists in the district so far with municipality earning Rs 173.7 million in the last fiscal year.

As many as 258,244 domestic and international tourists pay visit the district in the Fiscal Year 2011/2012 B.S. while the figure was 232,338 in the last Fiscal Year 2010/2011, according to the figure published by the municipality. It is the increase by 11 per cent.

Likewise, the Municipality has obtained Rs. 11 million from the foreigners visiting from SAARC countries including China while it has received Rs. 162.6 million from those beyond the SAARC countries, according to the Information Centre at the Municipality.

Located about 20 kilometer east of Kathmandu valley and known for its unique culture, Bhaktapur is also called for the ‘City of Devotees and Living Heritage.’

The district has lured more tourists due to its culture and rare heritages including Bhaktapur Peacock Window known as Monalisa of Asia.

Main architectural structure 55 windows palace is the main attraction of the city dotted with pagodas and religious shrines.




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