Anticorruption survey unveiled goodwill of institutions in Nepal

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KATHMANDU, Nepal- A survey conducted by Transparency International Nepal has revealed that Nepal’s political parties and their leaders are the most corrupt institutions in Nepal among all surveyed.

Among the respondents interviewed, 70 percent said political parties and politicians were the most corrupt. In the similar research carried out in 2011, only 53 percent respondents had blamed political parties for corruption.

The survey also revealed another wee side of contemporary Nepali society with 66 percent respondents saying that the bureaucrats were the most corrupt.

Similarly, police, parliament, judiciary and army were termed as the most corrupt by 58, 51, 51 and 27 percent respondents, respectively.

Seventeen percent were of the view that the health sector is the most corrupt, while 14 percent said media sector is the most corrupt.

Making the survey report public on Tuesday, TI Nepal Chapter’s president Bishnu Bahadur KC said the lack of political stability and accountability are the factors behind the public perception on political parties and beaucracy.

The research was carried out in 1,000 households in 58 municipalities of Nepal.


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