Scores travelers including foreigners stranded in Jumla airport

Jumla Airport, File Photo, nepalmountainnews
Jumla Airport, File Photo, nepalmountainnews

KATHMANDU, Nepal-Scores of traveler mainly foreign tourists have been stranded at Jumla airport, in Karnali zone due to less flight services following incessant rainfall.

Some of the airlines companies have charged high prices from the tourists for air services.

Although, no actual data of the stranded tourists were had, reports from Jumla said as many as 200 passengers including three dozen foreign tourists were left stranded in the airport. A few numbers of tourists are from European countries. There is huge queue of people descending to adjoining districts Surkhet and Nepalgunj after the vehicular movement remained obstructed following the landslides taking place in various places along the sections of Karnali highway, far west and undeveloped region of Nepal.

According to Hari Pyakurel, Chief District Officer (CDO) of Jumla, the airlines companies could charter aircraft to rescue the tourists and the administration can’t interfere in this respect.

Goma, Sita, Tara among other airlines have been providing flights in Jumla.

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