Greater Khumbu Cleaning Campaign, 2013 kicks off

File photo,
The trash dumpsite in the Khumbu. Photograph: Daniel Byers./Mountain Institute Expedition,File photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-With an aim to raise public awareness to keep the environment neat and clean, ‘The Greater Khumbu Cleaning Campaign, 2013’ kicked off in Khumbu region from Tuesday.

The weeklong campaign is conducted with the slogan ‘Our Garbage, Our Responsibility: Clean Environment, Our Existence’.

The campaign is jointly organized by the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC), Namche and the Protect Sagarmatha Campaign of Eco Himal Nepal.

The Greater Khumbu Cleaning Campaign, 2013 team will collect garbage from Mt. Everest Base Camp, Imja Lake, Namche Bazaar and surrounding areas.

The team will also dispose the collected garbage following the collection besides holding public awareness programmes.

More than seven dozen volunteers including teachers, students, local environmentalist, rights group are taking part at the campaign.

Likewise, office-bearers of the Border Administration Office, Eco- Himal, organizing bodies: the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee and the Eco Club Network Committee are participating in the cleaning campaign.

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