Missing Menechhiti found dead after nine months


Rukkum district map, file photo.
Rukkum district map, file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-The body of a German citizen has been found recently in a dense forest at Ranmamaikot VDC of hilly district Rukkum, situated at mid-western region, 300 kilometers far from capital Kathmandu. German national Myareno Menechhiti, 53, was missing from Dhorpatan region of the district since nine months.

The villagers found his dead body during the course of collecting valuable Himalayan herb Yarshagumba (Aphrodite).

Local peoples after observing his decayed body has speculated that he might have missing while hunting in the Dhorpatan Wildlife Reserve.

The cameras, Nepalese and foreign currency passports, purse among other valuable were also found along with the dead body. Mean while his body has been brought back to capital Kathmandu.

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