Dream of wide roads taking public toll

Bulldozers demolishing a house in Chabahil. Photo:
Bulldozers demolishing a house in Chabahil. Photo:

KATHMANDU, Nepal- The road extension drive launched by the government has been taking toll of the public after it failed to construct the road soon after demolishing the constructions on the way.

According to a data revealed by the Department of Road, only 18 kilometers of road have been re-constructed since the road expansion drive launched one and half years ago.

The department has constructed 17 kilometers and the Kathmandu Metropolis have completed one kilometer in the period. Altogether one hundred and 50 kilometers of road have been demolished so far.

According to Shyam Kharel, Chief at Kathmandu Metropolis Road Expansion Project of the Department, the road department has to complete 81 kilometers of road in its part. “Other contracting parties including the concerned sub-metropolis and municipality will construct the remaining length,” he said, adding, “different technical factors delaying the works”.

Kharel said that delay in tender process due to various formalities was one of the reasons in delay but, “timely and appropriate coordination with other concerned agencies like Telecom, Electricity Authority, KahnePani have also delayed the works”.

Sources at department said that the works should be completed by the next two months, but the unmanaged poles of Electricity Authority, Telecom and pipe lines of KhanePani revealed the fact that works will not finish any time soon.

In the scenario, Pusparam Poudel, general secretary of National Consumer’s Forum, demanded the state should compensate the public for the inconvenience caused by the delay. According to the existing Nepal law on consumers’ rights the state should compensate the public if they bear any loss while the government is launching any projects or services.  “The road extension drive has negative impacts in public health,” Poudel said, adding, “Dust and the mud have severely affected the public.”


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