500 foreigners under vigilance in Nepal

Nepal Police logo, file photo
Nepal Police logo, file photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal-Security officials in Nepal are examining the true activities of foreigners active in Nepal after some outlanders found to be directly engaged in illegal activities including poaching of the rare animals’ part as well as other suspicious activities. Nepal police has initiated collecting the data of actual numbers of foreigners residing here in the name of business, teaching, study, NGOs among others sectors.

The special team of Nepal police has been deployed since a couple of month to scrutinize the activities of more than 500 foreigners since a month, a source said. However, the employers working in diplomatic mission and multinational companies are not included in the list, source confirmed.

According to the source, five dozens Indian national and one hundred people mostly from Europe, America and other western countries engaged in Nepal operating NGOS and other offices are under vigilance. Police believed that they are launching illegal activities like poaching, red sandalwood smuggling, money laundering and other numerous criminal activities under the blanket of social work and other business affairs.

A few foreigner national especially from bordering Indian and neighboring Pakistan are serving jail term in Nepal after they were found to be involved in criminal activities.

Nepal police during the course of investigation have speculated that foreigners are directly and indirectly involved in weaving the plot to murder former justice of the Supreme Court Rana Bahdur Bam and media mogul Jamim Shah among other high profile people in the past.



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