Everyone, Everything atop Everest!

Everest-with-IME-flagUltra runner Sanjay Pandit shows a banner of IME, at the top of Mount Everest. Pandit has reached the top of the world with the flag of his climbing sponsor, IME, this season. International Money Express Pvt. Ltd. and the Global IME Bank have jointly felicitated Pandit amidst a function in Kathmandu on Sunday.

In the race of record holding, various organizations have also set out to take their brand up to the Everest top. Another, Jagadamba Group, has also hoisted its flag at the top of Everest this climbing season.

The government viewing the same has decided to revise the climbing rules and strictly making it mandatory for the climbers follow ethics and rules.

The IME has said that it is proud to be the first to take its flag to the top of the world as the company is also first to introduce remittance in the country. ime-felicitation


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