Record holder climber worried about Everest future

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Sudarshan Gautam, who won a world record for the first double amputee to climb the world’s highest mountain, says the highest peak Mount Everest is turning to a hill of black rocks.

He, stating that the mountains are at high risks of global warming and climate change, has said that he will work to minimize the effect of the same.

Speaking at a programme in Kathmandu on Saturday, Gautam expressed his displeasure over the Everest experience, stating that he has seen a big black hill in place of the Mount Everest.

“It is normally expected that the Everest is always covered on the snow blanket,” he said, “But after reaching the Hillary Steps I only saw the Everest as black peak”.

Stating that climate change is the main reason behind excessive melting of snow, Gautam urges all to work for the future of the World’s heritage.

Recounting his Everest mission as a never forgetting incident, Gautam said, “My mission has spread the message that “disability is not inability.”

Pemba Dorje Sherpa, a renowned mountaineer, also appraised Gautam for his courage to scale the world highest peak despite double amputee.

Gautam and his team reached atop Mt Everest at 9:00 am on Monday.

According to his website, Gautam, 30, lost both his hands at the age of 14 in an accident.


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