Primo rally con le jeep nel freddo deserto del Karakorum

Per la prima volta un rally di macchine e jeep è stato organizzato nel gelido deserto di Sarfranga, a Skardu, Pakistan. L’intento del Governo del Gilgit-Baltistan è quello di promuovere il turismo nella regione, diversificandolo e slegandolo dal quello solo alpinistico.

Ce ne parla il nostro corrispondente dal Pakistan Muhammad Aurang Zaib. 


In a move to promote tourism in the region, Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) government, for the first time is organizing a jeep/car rally in freezing cold desert of Sarfranga in Skardu from August 17 to 19. According to officials, Sarfa Ranga is one of the highest cold deserts in the world located in Shigar district some 20 kilometers off Skardu.

The desert holds a unique place in the hearts of travelers due to its high altitude and cold region. The shooting stars and the moving galaxy spread in the sky in cold nights of Sarfaranga. The Indus River besides crystal clear water reflects image of colorful trees, enhancing the beauty of Sarfaranga village. Sarfaranga is a barren swath dotted with sand dunes and swept by freezing tundra winds 7,500 feet above the sea level. The desert leads to K2 and Deosai Natural Park.

At least 85 off-road vehicles and 25 bikes are taking part in one of the most grueling treks on the planet. Total length of the rally route will be approximate 30-40 kilometers. A thrilling and challenging track for the participants has been designed. The rally route will provide all kind of terrains for rallying from Dunes to Salty plains. The terrain is quite challenging and special efforts are made to retain the enthusiasm of the participants. The Desert Rally draws many adventure hungry individuals from across Pakistan.

Gilgit-Baltistan government is playing a major role in holding the event with a vision to initiate a sporting event of national scale in GB as part of an extended tourism season and to diversify tourism activities on financially and institutionally sustainable basis.


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