(English) Tourist flow all time high in Ilam

Tea farm in the district. File photo.
Tea farm in the district. File photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal–With the beginning of winter season, the arrival of domestic and foreign tourists has increased significantly in different parts of Ilam district in the eastern province of Nepal.

Sandakpur, Kanyam, Sano Pathivara, Maipokhari and other touristic hub places are now packed with domestic and foreign tourists.

“The good weather and festive time has attracted many tourists. All the hotels here are booked for four days,” national news agency RSS quoted Narbu Sherpa at a local Sherpa Challet Hotel from Sankapur as saying.

A dozen of Nepali hotels in the border area are now reportedly packed with the visitors from Bengal and the western countries. Various places, including the Mt Everest, Kanchanjunga and Kumbhakarna mountain ranges can be viewed from Sandakpur, the highest place in the district.

Likewise, more than 500 tourists are visiting Kanyam everyday to observe green vegetation.

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