(English) World’s largest animal sacrifice event set to begin

File image: Agency
File image: Agency

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Some 500,000 water buffalo, goats, pigs, chickens, dock and pigeons are scheduled for mass ritual slaughter for Gadhimai festival set to begin in November 28 in southern Nepal.

It isa month-long  Hindu festival that is held once every five years at the Gadhimai temple of Bariyapur in Bara district, about 160 km south of the capital Kathmandu in Southern Nepal.

Animal right activists are protesting the killing on legal rather than moral grounds.

Hundreds of thousands of religious devotees gather at a temple, where many bring an animal to sacrifice during a two-day bloodletting dedicated to Gadhimai, the Hindu goddess of power. The act is believed to bring prosperity and protection from evil.

Over 500,000 animals are sacrificed in a span of two days, making it the largest animal sacrifice event in the world

They are tortured, beaten and then decapitated in front of large crowds and fanfare. An  estimate of 500,000 animals are going to be slaughtered, according to the temple’s chief priest, Mangal Chudhary Tharu.

According to him, people who are sterile, betrayed by fate, troubled by illness and diseases visit the temple with the belief of washing their sins.

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