(English) NATTA makes travel trip to promote tourism

Image: NATTA
Image: NATTA

KATHMANDU, Nepal–A thirty-member team comprising of the Executive Committee and the members of Nepal Association of Tour and Travel (NATTA) Western Regional Association, Pokhara has recently accomplished a five-day long trip to the Eastern region of Nepal to promote domestic and international tourism. On the occasion the team visited the major touristic destinations.

NATTA has been visiting various places in Nepal in view of the development of Domestic Tourism every year since 2004.

The NATTA group visited the tourist hub places like Sauraha, Biratnagar, Chandragarhi, Pashupatinagar, Fikkal, Kanyam and Janakpur etc.

NATTA Pokhara team had interactive meetings with local tourism stakeholders and other concerned bodies during their trip.

NATTA is an independent non-profit, pioneer and national association of travel industry in Nepal. It is recognised as the main representative body of tourism industry in Nepal.

The primary purpose of NATTA  is  to protect the in the interests of those engaged in the travel trade business.

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