(English) Drug smuggling on rise in terai lowland

Image: BBC
Image courtesy to BBC

KATHMANDU, Nepal–The government of Nepal has started beefing up security at several transit points in terai lowland in the northern belt of Nepal following the incidence of smuggling of banned marijuana and brown sugar escalated.

According to Nagraik online the narcotics are being smuggled from neighboring India in liquid form and consume mostly by teenager and youth in Nepalese cities like Kathmandu, Narayanghat, Dharan and Pokhara.

According to police, recently smuggling of banned drugs in injection and as liquid from India to Nepal is on the rise. Many youths studying in colleges reportedly inject banned drugs or consume them in liquid form.

The prices of banned injections that range from costs such as Fortwin and Lupigesic range from Indian currency Rs 10 to Rs 20, however, once smuggled into Nepal the cost goes up as high as between Rs 200 and Rs 500.

Last year, police had dealt numerous cases of drug abuse and arrested dozens of abusers.

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