(English) Artificial Sunkoshi Lake burst in Sindhupalchok

Artificial Sunkoshi lake. Image: thehimalayantimes
Artificial Sunkoshi lake. Image: thehimalayantimes

KATHMANDU, Nepal–An artificial lake formed in Sunkoshi River following a massive landslide in Jure of Sindhupalchok has burst suddenly in the wee hours of Sunday. The water level in the lake has decreased by 18 metres following the burst. As many as 156 villagers were killed and scores went missing when a massive landslide swept away entire Jure village on August 2.

No human casualties have been reported yet.  A Nepal new portal ekantipur quoting local Bal Raj Parajuli reported that the incident took place at around 2:30 am Sunday. The water flow has reportedly increased suddenly in the Sunkoshi River after the burst, leaving the local people in terror situation.

In a separate police report of the district,10 motorbikes and the house of Suresh Kumar Shrestha have been swept away by the burst. The river has also damaged some parts of the Sanima Hydro Power another Lamusanghu Hydropower is at high risk of being swept away.

The submerged buildings and hydropower came to the surface with the decrease in water level. In the meantime, the concerned authorities have urged the people living downstream to stay in alert. Large numbers of security personnel have been deployed in the incident site.

Earlier, the Nepal Army had carried out a series of controlled blasts to drain water from the lake.

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