(English) Khumbu lures more tourists yet in offseason

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–Though the month of July is normally regarded as a season when foreign tourists generally seem reluctance to trek the Khumbu region, some 351 foreign tourists have paid visit the Sagarmatha National Park area in this season.

The Park is a protected area in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal that is dominated by Mount Everest. It encompasses an area of 1,148 in the mountainous Solukhumbu district.

According to data published in Gorkhapatra daily, among total numbers, Germany recorded the highest followed by other European countries during the month. Spain contributed 25 while Asia’s giant China sent only 27 tourists.

The discouraging number was from South Asian countries with meager 5 tourists from neighboring India.

The office garnered Rs. 325, 778 in revenue in the month including from entry fees, permission for timber, sand and stones and lodge rent.

Sagarmatha is an exceptional area with snow-capped peaks,  crystal like glaciers and deep valleys, dominated by Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world at the elevation of 8,848 m.

The park also houses various rare species like snow leopard and red panda. The typical culture of of the Sherpas, with their unique lifestyle, adds further interest to this region.

Flights resume in Lula

In a separate report, flights have resumed in the Tenzing-Hillary Airport, on the lap of Mt Everest, in the district since Thursday with the improvement in weather pattern. The flights were disrupted due to adverse weather since a week.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, Lukla, aircraft of Tara Air and Sita Air made flights to and from the Lukla airport as the weather improved Tuesday evening.

Likewise, Choppers that could not provide their service for two days have also resumed their service.

Hundreds of trekkers and mountaineers visiting the Everest region were left stranded in Lukla as the regular flights were put off citing bad weather.

Tourist road section blocked

Yet in another report from the district, the Jubhing-Lukla tourist road section has been blocked following a massive landslide at Buksa of the district. A house belonging to local Bandi Sherpa was swept away by the flood. Foreign tourists are facing hard times and some are short cut their trip to Khumbu after the blockade.

According to Nagrik online, the landslide has adversely affected the under-construction Kharikhola Third Hydro Project. Security personnel are reportedly removing the landslide which has disturbed the movements of the tourists. However, police are trying to remove the landslide dumped on the road sections, it is learnt.

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