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KATHMANDU, Nepal–After a brief respite following the polls of Constituent Assembly (CA), trekking and tourism business is likely to be affected with tourism workers affiliated to Mohan Baidya-led CPN-Maoist recently wrote to embassies of different countries suggesting their respective countrymen against using the service of some trekking companies while in Nepal.

Maoist affiliated union All Nepal Revolutionary Tourism Workers Union (ANRTWU) wrote letters to embassies of the United Kingdom, USA, China, India, Denmark and Germany, among others, requesting them to advise their citizens against taking service of some trekking companies.

Those companies blacklisted by the union are Himalaya Expeditions Inc, Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure, Peak Promotion, and Himalaya Guides Nepal. 

Earlier on August 19, the union had sent letters to 14 different companies, urging them to release pending salary and benefits to workers at the earliest.  The union has been demanding the companies to pay periodical salary and benefits since 2010, for which travel/tourism entrepreneurs are not ready.

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