(English) Monsoon rains are here, commoners warned to adopt precautionary measures from likely flood

Image source: ekantipur
Image source: ekantipur

KATHMANDU, Nepal– Since the past two days, the country has been witnessing continuous rainfall triggered by monsoon winds which are active again from Tuesday evening.

Due to the slow arrival of monsoon winds, this year´s monsoon started two weeks late on June 20, unlike previous year.

The Meteorological Forecast Division (MFD) has warned that there will be heavy rainfall till Friday mainly in terai lowland and hilly districts.

According to the MFD 10-15 mm downfall is considered normal, 30-35 mm moderate, and that beyond 50 mm is heavy.

Farmers heaved a sigh of relief as they welcomed the rains in their dry fields of rice and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

The monsoon  brought beam in the face of farmers since hardly 70 percent plantation was accomplished by the time of monsoon onset. Last year, 99 percent of plantation was done during this period.

In the meantime, with incessant rain expected for the next two days, weathermen have urged the common people residing in the lowland terai and mountainous region to adopt precautionary measures from likely flood.

Meteorologists predict that central and western regions are likely to receive heavy rains over the next couple of days. The Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD)states that monsoon entered the active phase on Wednesday and heavy rains will continue till Saturday, raising fears of landslides in hilly districts.

They warned that incessant rainfall of over 44 mm in the landslide area may trigger further landslides and, to make matters worse, the swelling river may breach its course.

Heavy rain falls beginning Tuesday morning have affected the Capital Kathmandu and other areas. Many streets were flooded due to the poor drainage system in the city. Some domestic and international flights were also disrupted due to the bad weather.

Continued heavy downpours, expected to hit the hills of central region until Saturday, are likely to add woes further to locals who have been hit hard by the Sunkoshi landslide.

Meanwhile, according a report published in today’s broadsheet daily, raffic movement has come to a grinding halt along the East-West highway in Mahottari after a bridge over Ratu River collapsed on Wednesday night.

The reports citing police source further said the bridge caved in due to a flood triggered by torrential rainfall since Tuesday.

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