(English) Profiling of 492 peaks begins

The South Face of Lhotse from Imja Tsho in Nepal. Image:
The South Face of Lhotse from Imja Tsho in Nepal. Image:

KATHMANDU, Nepal– The government of Nepal has started profiling nearly 492 peaks in the country. Based on the recommendation of the sub-committee headed by Aang Tshering Sherpa, the president ofNepal Mountaineering Association (NMA ), the Ministry stared profiling the peaks from this week.

Chairman of the subcommittee Sherpa said that a 19-member peak profile preparation sub-committee will document the detailed profiles of 492 mountains in two years.

The committee, convened by NMA chairman, has members representing different fields like mountaineering, tourism, mapping, border and environment, among others.

According to MoCTCA, there are 1,931 peaks above 5,500 metres, including 1,310 of above 6000 metres. Along with the newly opened 104 mountains, Nepal has authorized 414 peaks for climbing.

Considering their great contributions in the field of mountaineering and mountain tourism in the country, the government of Nepal opened Hillary Peak (7681m), Tenzing Peak (7981m), Herzog Peak, Lechenal Peak, UIAA Peak (6063m)  and Peak Hawley among other peaks.

NMA also organised an interaction programme to garner suggestions, comments and feedback from all concerned to make peak profile more compatible and acceptable for all the stakeholders. Former ministers, secretaries, tourism experts and others were present on the occasion.

The profile will contain all the detail information of mountain in digital format as well as booklets, which will make easier to plan for the expedition teams.

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