(English) Two Nepalis killed in Kabul attack

Image source: BBC
Image source: BBC

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Two Nepali nationals were killed while another was injured when a Taliban suicide bomber exploded an explosives-laden motorbike into an Afghan police compound near Kabul International Airport, Tuesday.

All three were working as security guards for DynCorp International, an American military contractor, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Another Nepali security guard working at the same place was injured in the attack. The attack took place at a fortified compound operated by the Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan.

Ministry Spokesperson Dipak Dhital said one Nepali security guard was killed on the spot while another succumbed to his injuries.

International news agencies quoting Bharat Raj Poudyal, Nepal’s Ambassador to Pakistan, who also looks after affairs in Afghanistan, reported that the attack was carried out early in the morning; five days after militants attacked the airport from the same area.

The identities of the victims are yet to be revealed saying the foreign ministry had not yet completed the process to notify the families of the victims.

The report further said that the injured Nepali national is receiving treatment at the International Security Assistance Force Hospital in the Afghan capital.

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