(English) Ex Crown Prince Paras may face up to 5yrs jail term

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–Former Crown Prince Paras Shah, who was held by Thai police for possessing 12 grams of marijuana in Bangkok on Thursday night, could face  up to five years jail.

Quoting the police office of Thonglor police station, AFP writes that Shah arrested on drugs charges in Thailand for second time could face up to five years jail.

According to Bangkok Post Shah was arrested Wednesday night following tip off from a security guard of the hotel he was staying in.

According to Thai Narcotics Act 2522 (1979), any substances regulated under the act are divided into five categories. This case attracts the category five, which states that a person convicted of offenses involving this category may be fined up to 1.5 million Baht and imprisoned up to fifteen years.

Bangkok based correspondent of Voice of America (VOA), Steven Herman twitted that South Criminal Court has released Shah on bail on condition of being present in the court on July 23.

According to Dornath Aryal, Nepal’s Deputy Chief of Mission in Thailand, Thai police will determine an action against Shah only after an investigation.

The Nepali embassy in Thailand has already informed Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kathmandu about the incident.

Earlier, Shah was held for possessing three grams of marijuana from Thailand’s tourist hub Phuket in October 2012. He was detained again in 2012 end for vandalizing an apartment in Bangkok.

He was admitted to Intensive Care Unit in Thailand after suffering a heart attack in February 2013. He remained in coma for two weeks before recovering his health.

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