(English) 13 years old gives birth to child

Image source: agency
Image source: agency

KATHMANDU, Nepal–A 13-year-old girl in Chitwan district, nearly 250 kilometer south west of the Capital Kathmandu has givenbirth to a child at Bharatpur Hospital recently.

One Chandra Bahadur Chhetri of Kathar, in the same district reportedly raped the girl before she became pregnant.

Reports quoting hospital sources informed that both newly borne child and mother are said to be in normal situation.

In the meantime, police has stepped up the investigation after nabbing Chhetri who was at large for several months.

Major cities including the capital Kathmandu has witnessed several incidents of rapes in the recent months.

If Nepal Police data is anything to go by, a rape is committed every 24 hours in the country. Blame it on the male dominated social structure and the culture of impunity, but rape statistics reveal an alarming trend.

According to expert, the criminal mindset within the human being is prompting to initiate such violence against women and children.

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