(English) Snakebite cases on rise in valley

File photo of Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH).
File photo of Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH).

KATHMANDU, Nepal–with the onset of the monsoon season, the number of snakebite cases has been rising drastically in the valley and across the nation. According to Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH), as many as two dozen new cases of snake bite are reported in the hospital daily.

The hospital administration informed that the number of snakebite victims is more than other patients.

Medicos have speculated that hundreds of people might have bitten by venomous snakes in the Tarai lowland as snakebite victims generally cannot afford to buy the anti-venom.

A single dose of anti-venom costs Rs 1,800 and dozens of vials are need for a single victim while the drugs are not available at the local clinics.

Due to shortage of anti venom, scores of people died last year across the Tarai.

Doctors at STIDH have urged the people to go to the hospital immediately – and not to seek shaman´s assistance in the villages– even if they know the snake which has bitten them is not much venomous. 

In the last fiscal year, 418 snakebite victims were admitted to the hospital. Same number of victims had received treatment at the outpatient department (OPD). 

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