(English) Chepanggaun can challenge Phulchowki for bird-watching

Chepanggaun village. Image: agency
Chepanggaun village. Image: agency

KATHMANDU, Nepal–If we go through the claim made by ornithologist, Chepanggaun, a hill village in Chitwan district houses as many as 265 spices of the birds, thanks for the claim which exceeded the birds’ number at the Phulchowki hills situated 20 km southeast of Kathmandu.

According to them, all the bird species found at Phulchowki are also spotted in Chepanggaun, close to Chitwan National Park, the oldest park in the country.

Bird Education Society chairperson Basu  Bindari said that different species of birds, including babblers, warblers, woodpeckers, eagles and many migrants which are found at Phulchowki can be found in Chapanggaun also.

“As of now, Philchowki has been the most popular destination for bird watchers… since the birds founds at Phulchowki are also to be found there,” Bindari was quoted by myrepublica.

Till this date, over 600 species of birds are found in Chitwan. The new-found species are also to be found in Pakistan, Burma, Bhutan, India and Afghanistan. 

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