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KATHMANDU, Nepal– Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, the only hunting reserve of the country, located nearly 250 kilometer south west of the Capital Kathmandu, garners revenue of Rs. 10 millions annually. It is collected from hunting, tourism fees among other activities.

Most percentage of the revenue is from fees paid by the foreign hunting enthusiasts who visit there mainly in two seasons, according to National News Agency RSS.

The reserve is a rich habitat for a variety of wild animals, including endangered red panda. Snow leopard and Himalayan Tahr  (Blue Sheep) and Mountain goats are also found in the reserve.

Spread over 1,325 square kilometers, the hunting reserve extends from Myagdi to Rukum and Baglung districts. In altitude it ranges from 2,850 to 5,500 m.

With the construction of motorable road, travelling to the reserve is no longer a tough job for foreigners and hunting enthusiasts.

Earlier, tourists who used to hire a chopper affording thousands of rupeese per passenger can now easily travel as jeeps ply near the reserve.

At present, as many as fifty eight vascular plants have been recorded in the reserve, established in 1987. Hundreds of foreign and domestic hunters visit the reserve targeting Blue Sheep, Ghoral, Himalayan Tahr, and Mountain goats in the reserve.

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