(English) Everest climber Magar stages fast unto death

File photo of Kami
File photo of Kami

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Citing that the government and the bodies concerned turned their deaf ears to the demands put forth by the climbers; Mt. Everest climber Kame Magar has staged a fast unto death for past one week.

Magar staged the hunger strike at Shantibatika, Ratnapark, from June 1 putting forth various demands related to Mt. Everest climbers.

Magar has raised the seven-point 0020demands that include action against those involved in corruption at tourism sector, to develop the tourism business as the backbone of the country and to encourage climbing Sherpa and workers and porters working at trekking sector.
Magar allies informed that Magar’s health is deteriorating since Magar developed health related problems including vomiting, headache, from Saturday.

Before staging fast unto death, he submitted the memo to the bodies concerned time and again about the problems seen at tourism sector.

Magar said that he would continue the hunger strike until his demands are fulfilled.

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