(English) 2000 tree huggers in world record bid

Nepalese students hug tree during a mass tree hugging on the world. Image:AP
Students hug tree during a mass tree hugging on the world. Image:AP

KATHMANDU, Nepal–They were all tightly embracing the trees with care and pure love as though the latter was a significant part of their body. They hugged it continuously for two minutes. People from all walk of life-Doctors, engineers, politicians, students, monks, foreign campaigner, and social activists-all seemed busy hugging and kissing the trees at a forest in the outskirts of the capital Kathmandu. Such was the scene screened by state-owned Nepal Television (NTV) and other private news channels this morning.

After the event, the participants claimed they were succeeded to set the Guinnese world record  in observing World Environment Day by hugging the trees along with spreading awareness about its importance.

The main aim of the event was to spread the message not just about the significant of sapling but also about taking care of the ones that already exist, according to the organizers.

As many as 2001 people took part the tree hugging event. The previous Guinness World Record for most people hugging trees at the same time was 936 people in Portland, Oregon, last July.

“We are gathered here in our attempt to save the forests and make people aware that trees and forests are important for human civilization,” Rajan K.C., who was among the 20 Parliament members hugging the trees and monitoring the event was quoted by AP.

An authentic letter of the participants and a video footage will be sent to the London-based head office Guinness World Records for certification, according to the organizer.

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