13 yrs school girl scales Mt. Everest

KATHMANDU, Nepal–A 13-year-old school girl from Andhra Pradesh has successfully scaled Mt. Everest Sunday. Malavath Purna, a nine-grade student at Gurukul Pathshala in Tadwai village of Nizamabad district in southern India atop the peak from Tibetan sides. She was succeeded to waive the national flag of India after a 52-day-long expedition. Though many Indian media and other international news agency have claimed Malavath of first youngest female to summit Mount Everest, it is yet to confirm and she is not likely to secure the title of first female younger climber legally since the authorities in Kathmandu do not grant climbing licences for Everest to anyone under 16. But what made her feat surprising is the fact she represents from an indigenous tribe, marginal, poor background, and so called untouchable community. Malavath, who is a daughter of a farmer who hardly earns Rs 35000IC (Indian Currency) annually was sponsored by a government-run Social Welfare Educational Society. She was accompanied with another 16-year-old Sadhanapalli Anand to achieve the historic feat, according to the timesofindia. Poorna with her team will descend the north base camp till Tuesday evening as they already started descending from the summit. “Poorna ascended Everest from… the Tibetan side early Sunday morning. She along with her team started their descent and will reach north base camp in Tibet on Tuesday,” AFP quoted Mohammed Ansari, technical coordinator for her team as saying. China’s state run news agency Xinhua in its report also mentioned that three foreigners “successfully climbed onto the top of the world” over the weekend, citing Zhang Mingxing, head of Tibet’s mountaineering centre. But the reports did not confirm whether the Indian teenagers were among the three foreigners. In the meantime, newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the girls for their success on Everest. “Was very happy to read this. Congrats to our youngster. They make us truly proud” Modi twitted. Activities in the Everest from Nepali side is almost nil after the 18 April deadliest ever accident on Everest, that swept away 16 Sherpa guides and their supporting staffs.



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