Hot summer giving a tough time to terai people

schorching heatKATHMANDU, Nepal–life is nearly out of gear in the terai districts, due to the scorching heat.
The hot summer is giving a tough time to almost everyone, including school children, workers, and shopkeepers with the maximum temperature crossing 40 degrees Celsius. Hardest hit are people who couldnot afford coolers and fans.

Nausea, headache and diarrhea have gripped common people, forcing them to queue up in the hospitals. Daily-wage earners are the worst affected by hit as they should toil over eight hours a day to make their livelihood.

Weather experts forecast that the mercury is likely to go up further in coming days. The maximum temperature of the Kathmandu was recorded at 32 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

In the meantime, monsoon is expected to arrive some five days late according to a prediction made by the South Asian Climate Outlook Forum (SASCOF-5) held in Pune, India.

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