Urban people spend twice than rural

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–People in urban areas spend twice as much than those in rural areas in terms of commodity consumption. Spending on consumption for every family in rural areas is hardly 0.2 million while it is ) more than 3 million in urban areas, according to a survey disclosed by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

The average annual consumption spending of a family stands at 0.2 million. Average Nepalis spent 59.2 percent on food, 11.6 percent on residence while the distribution for education and non-food item is 3 and 26.2 percent respectively in 2013.

The survey has it that 81 percent of people are economically active in compared to handful 19 percent loath people. It has put unemployment rate for men and women at 3.2 percent and 3.4 percent respectively.

27.8 percent have made limited use of labor. This includes unemployed and semi-unemployed which is 13.4 percent.
Similarly, unemployment rate for people age range between 15 to 24 years is 5.9 percent while 6.9 percent of them work for inadequate remunerations. Unemployment rate is 6.4 percent in the richest 20 percent of population and 2.2 percent in the poorest.

The survey says 66.5 percent of populations still depend on agriculture. Wholesale and retail trade, and motorcycle and vehicle repair create 6.8 percent of jobs each, manufacturing sector 5.2, constructions sector 5, those working at home 3.8 and education 3.4. This is the first time CBS has done annual household survey.

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