Mountaineering teams planning to put off Everest expedition


KATHMANDU, Nepal–Some of the mountaineering teams that lost their Sherpa guides in the avalanche at the Everest base camp on April 18 have decided to put off their Everest bid this season.

Himalayan Guides, Nepal Treks and Expedition Private Limited, Sangrila Nepal Private Limited, Himalayan Treks and Expedition, and Nepal Trekking Private Limited are planning to cancel the expedition.

The lack of required manpower and the stress of loosing members of the expedition team forced them to take the decision, according to the climbers.

Of the 13 Sherpa guides who lost their lives in the avalanche, six were members of the team from the Himalayan Guides Nepal Treks and Expedition.

However, some other teams, who did not suffer any casualty, are mulling over of continuing with the expedition.

The government has already agreed to honour the permits issued to scale Mt Everest this season for up to five years.
A high level meeting between the government and the agitating mountaineering support staff and guides at the Everest Base Camp on Friday reached to the conclusion that the permits issued to mountaineers this season would be valid for five years.

In the meantime a few foreign climbing team are also planning to resume Everest activity since they made trip to Nepal after a long and arduous exercise for it.

A total of 32 expedition teams including one Nepali team had received permission to scale Mt. Everest this season.

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