(English) Parents’ poor economic condition forces kids to flee home: Study

KATHMANDU, Nepal– Many children are found leaving their homes in the rural areas for cities due to their parents´ poor economic condition, a study revealed. 

A recent study carried out by Pashupati Children´s Home disclosed that village children are found quitting their birth place due to the lack of homely environment, sparked by poor economic condition. Majority of such children are also found taking drugs in different districts to ‘escape from their harsh life’ and due to peer pressure.

Chairman of the Children´s Home, Bijay Shrestha, said children leaving their homes for the cities end up as street children and  they get into bad habits of smoking cigarette and consuming alcohol.

Children´s Home has been conducting a study on the street children, their protection and care, and is also operating rehabilitation program for more than a decade.

The study was carried out in Kathmandu Valley, Banke, Bardiya, Kailali, Kanchanpur, and Jhapa, among others districts.

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