(English) Sales of mountaineering gear on uphill trend

tourist in local shopKATHMANDU, Nepal–With the onset of trekking and mountaineering season, a large number of foreign tourists and local adventure seekers have started flocking the tourist market for trekking and mountaineering accessories.

Normally, the spring season is regarded to be one of the key periods for such mountaineering trade as nearly 40 percent of the total tourists visit during the period.

March-May period is the best season for trekking and mountaineering in the Himalayan Nation Nepal as it offers excellent weather conditions. As the flow of tourists has gone up in the country, traders have witnessed booming sales of mountaineering equipment needed for trekking, hiking and mountaineering expeditions for the past couple of weeks and are likely to continue for the next one month.

They are also witnessing good growth in sales of trekking products like trekking boots, jackets, trousers, sticks and gloves.

“Normally, we see sales of trekking and mountaineering gear picking up between mid-March to mid-April,” ekantipur quoted Ang Phurba, manager of Sherpa Adventure Gear on Lal Durbar Marg, one of the prominent adventure gear shops in Kathmandu.

Sherpa Adventure Gear has dealers in Namche Bazaar in Solukhumbu and Pokhara. It also maintains retail outlets in the US, Canada, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan, the UAE, Panama, the UK and Germany.

It has also seen an increased number of adventure fanciers in Nepal from around the world, which have been pushing up sales.

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