(English) Woman complains hubby kidnapped their baby

Image: Google search.
Image: Google search.

KATHMANDU, Nepal– A Nepali student studying in Philippines has reportedly requested immigration officials to help arrest her husband who fled the apartment after kidnapping their 10-month old-baby.

Sunita Jha, 24, a medical student of the Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation in San Carlos City, said her rebellious husband Shivkumar Swarnakar, made his way with baby and two cell phones on Saturday night, according to a report published on Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Swarnakar, who separated with his wife in September 2013 had then left for the United States.

“Swarnakar just take a look at daughter and then absconded shortly,” the newspaper quoted Jha as saying. According to her, Swarnakar fled the scene after he locked her inside the room.

In a writ petition lodged at San Carlos city police, Jha charged Swarnakar of abducting the child.

In the meantime, Jha expressed hope that concerned authorities would be able to nab him with her lovely baby. “I hope the authorities will stop him from leaving the Philippines,” the paper further quoted her adding that she wants her baby back shortly.

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