(English) Foreigner dies in paragliding accident

File photo of paragliding in Nepal.
File photo of paragliding in Nepal.

KATHMANDU, Nepal– A foreign solo paraglider is reportedly died in a fatal accident in a distant village in Beni, Thursday, in western province of Nepal. The deceased foreigner has been identified as Premek Hulek, 32, a Czech national, who was stuck at a cliff where the parachute had crashed.

Hulek who sustained injuries in his neck breathe his last as soon as he was airlifted to Pokhara based Manipal Hospital by Simrik Air, according to Nepal Air Sports Association.

A rescue team comprising of locals had carried out a primary treatment of Hulek at the accident area.

Hulek tried to jump along with his American comrade Mitro Raili when his parachute did not open and crashed into a cliff near Angeri Khola of Shiran after it took off at 11:50 am. He was stuck to Angeribhir, a cliff at the jump site.

“First he jumped. But his parachute malfunctioned and he fell before he could open it,” ekantipur quoted a local teacher Bal Bhadra Gautam as saying.

Though it is mandatory for paragliding flyers to take permission from the airport before starting the flight, however, the solo paraglider who had taken off from Pokhara was not associated with any local paragliding companies.

Both the paragliders had successfully para-glided across the Myagdi River to Arman from the same spot a day ago, it is learnt.

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