(English) Tibetan lakes pose threat to Nepalis in Bhotekoshi River

You-Mo-Jian-Co lake in Tibet.
You-Mo-Jian-Co lake in Tibet.

KATHMANDU, NepalA new study has disclosed that three glacial lakes in Tibet are constantly posing threat to Nepali people residing downstream on the banks of the Bhotekoshi River, in the east of Nepal.

A report jointly conducted by the Central Department of Geography at the Tribhuvan University (TU) in Kathmandu and the Asian International River Center at the Yunnan University of China, has reached to a conclusion that You-Mo-Jian-Co, Qui-Ze-La-Co and Jia-Long-Co glacial lakes are highly susceptible.

According to the report which is yet to be made publish, if these lakes break open, locals residing mostly between Tatopani and Dolalghat areas along the Araniko highway could felt terrible impacts.

The report has also highlighted that the risk of Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) in Nepal is higher than what is generally assumed.

The study team had tried to see the risk of GLOF in Nepal beyond the northern border.

A 2011 report by the ICIMOD states that Nepal has 21 potentially dangerous lakes – six of which require immediate mitigation measures.

At present, lessening measures, like reducing water level of glacial lakes, have been adopted in Tsho Rolpa and Imja and experts have stressed the need to adopt such measures in other equally vulnerable lakes in the country.

According experts, glacier thinning and retreat in the Himalayas has resulted in the formation of new glacial lakes. They believe that mitigation measures are very costly as millions of dollars are required just for transporting equipment to glacial lake areas.

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