(English) Kathmandu insecure for women!

Women protesting against violence in a street of the capital Kathmandu. File photo/AFP.
Women protesting against violence in a street of the capital Kathmandu. File photo/AFP.

KATHMANDU, Nepal: With father employing crooks to kill daughter, and wife hiring contract killer to murder hubby, the capital Kathmandu recorded the highest number of complaints of domestic violence in the country in 2013, thanks to existing fragile law that failed to curb mounting violence in the valley.

A volume titled “the Human Rights Year Book 2014” made public Wednesday by INSEC, an agency working in the field of human right in the country depicted the gloomy pictures of women in terms of domestic violence in Kathmandu.

The most unfortunate aspect related with the domestic violence is immunity provided to predator as most cases were settled without legal proceeding. Though 567 complaints lodged at Kathmandu District Police Office, most of the cased were resolved without legal action.

“State party was responsible for violating the rights of 640 persons” the book read adding not a single perpetrator was legally booked even though as many as 69 women were tortured for ‘practicing witchcraft.’

Non-state actors had a major role in violation of human rights in the country in 2013, with nearly 5,000 persons falling victim to them.

Published by Informal Sector Service Centre, the book documented that nearly 5,000 people were made victim in 2013 against 3,521 persons in 2012 across the country. It also states about some bleak incidents taking place in the country–old women and children being raped.  “A total of 406 girls under the age of 16 were raped while 182 girls of the same age group were sexually victimised”, it states.

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