(English) Seven Summits Women Team leaves for Mount Aconcagua


KATHMANDU, Nepal– Aiming to bring conceptual changes in the globe through adventure sports, the Seven Summits Women Team has left for Argentina, Tuesday. The team, in its endeavor to ascend all the seven highest peaks of the seven continents, will ascend Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak of South America in the third week of February.

The team has scaled the four highest peaks of four continents — Mt Everest of Asia in 2008, Mt Kosciuszko of Australia, Mt Elbrus of Europe in 2010, and Mt Kilimanjaro of Africa in 2013.

It has vowed to bring significant change with the motto ‘Together We Reach Higher.’ It has been promoting 3E ie stands for environment, education and empowerment in national and international level. By the end of 2014, the team plans to climb the remaining two peaks in North America and Antarctica.

According to team coordinator Shailee Basnet, they have travelled more than 150 schools across the country to share their mountaineering experience. It has also been campaigning against domestic violence against women in many parts of the country, apart from environment awareness drive.

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