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An enchanting view of Kirtipur. Photo courtesy to
An enchanting view of Kirtipur. Photo courtesy to

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Viewing to support the tourists visiting Nepal, a tourism information centre has been set up in Kirtipur, located 9 kilometers south west of the capital Kathmandu at the initiation of the Kiritpur Guides Association.

With the establishment of the center, it will offer required information mainly to the foreign tourists travelling the historical city. The center has been set up at famous Chithu tole of Kirtipur municipality, according to Association.

Chobhar of Kirtipur has been developing into a requisite site for the trekking and sightseeing in the latest days.

Kirtipur which is also regarded as a perfect description to the civilization of the capital is equally significant for educational tour. It also lodges Tribhuvan University, one of oldest of the five universities in Nepal.

Situated on a ridge with steep hillsides, its residents are reputed as being expert builders and weavers.  There are as many as 10 tourists information center in the Capital alone.

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