(English) Mountaineering for Sherpa is compulsion than hobby

File photo of Mt. Everest. Photo source:
File photo of Mt. Everest. Photo source:

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Anyone can reach high-altitude Syangboche Airport after climbing up a steeply way from Namche Bazaar, also known for the gateway to the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Similarly, visitors can reach Khumjung valley from Syangboche after enjoying incredible scenic beauty there.

Khumjung, Khunde and Forche are some of the places widely known for their natural beauty. The joy one can realize while viewing snow-capped peaks from the valley is enigmatic. It seems as if the nature-gifted Khumjung is eternally sitting with snow shade over its tip.

‘It lures me as if I wish to bring that heavenly piece of nature to my own village’, a government staffs Sudeep Sharma told NMF after returning from Khumbu valley.

According to Sharma who recently transferred Office of the Livestock in the capital Kathmandu said the local youths in most of the villages are compelled to scale Everest rather than on their own desire.  More than hundred local youths have atop the roof of the world even at their early age and mountaineering is the backbone of the Sherpa people.

Since mountaineering is the main source to earn their livelihood in Khumjung, most of the Sherpas are serving their duty as fervent mountaineers from the very childhood while women in Khumjung are said to be involved in hotel business.

Most of the Sherpa of the Khumjung are said to have scaled all 8,000-meter high peaks in the country. However, they seem faded with mountaineering profession. ‘Getting engaged in mountaineering is our obligation than hobby. Who else dare to go atop the mountain peak putting one’s life at risk?’ Sharma quoted a local Sherpa as saying adding that government of Nepal has ignored the climbers.

According to Sharma, many Sherpa climbers have expressed their displeasure since the government failed to offer them with proper facilities to encourage them in adventurous task.

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