(English) Villagers remain vigil during frozen night

Saptari district file, photo. Source:
Saptari district file photo. Source:

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Lidless night after hours of digging farmland throughout the days! Anyone can hardly imagine such crippled daily life of villagers; however, it has become a unavoidable destiny for the locals residing adjoining the forests in Saptari district in southern Nepal.

Due to the panic of being attacked by wild elephants, locals are reportedly remaining vigil all through frigid nights holding up the mounting chill of the winter season, thanks to the apathy shown by the government in rescuing those poor villagers!

Furthermore, group of men guard their locality while women keep an eye on their houses and kids. Many of them have compelled to pass their whole night under the open sky since a heard of tuskers already demolished their shed hut.

Though the villagers can cope with harsh cold triggered by winter rainfall; the kids are worst hit owing to frozen environment.

‘The fear of tusker attack forces us arouse every night as they can emerge out of the woods anytime and wreak havoc,’ today’s edition of a Nepali National  daily news paper Nagrik  quoted a local Birendra Majhi as saying adding that many villagers like him have not slept well for days.

Wild tuskers have destroyed more than four dozens of huts in the region in two weeks time.

Emerging from nearby Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, half a dozen tusker enter human settlement in the dead of the night, leaving a whole settlement in panic situation, it is learnt.

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