(English) 10 Nepal hotels in World’s Best Hotels’ list

A Jungle Safari Lodge in Sauraha, Nepal. Photo:
A Jungle Safari Lodge in Sauraha, Nepal. Photo:

KATHMANDU, Nepal – 10 hotels of Nepal have been listed in the World’s Best Hotels’ list that published recently. A travel and tourism website has awarded the hotels at various locations in Nepal with its ‘Travellers’ Choice Award’ incorporating them in the Best Hotels list. Among the awarded hotels are five from Kathmandu, the capital city, four from Pokhara, the main tourist hub in the country and one hotel in Sauraha, the city well-known for jungle safari.

The Nepal hotels have also success to gain the ‘Travellers’ Choice Awards’ in other two categories. While 10 hotels have been included in the Best Hotel, 25 others are included in the Small Hotel and Lodge category.

The Trip Adviser has selected and categorized the hotels worldwide according to the feedbacks of the travellers who visited and stayed in the hotels.  The website has been categorizing and awarding hotels and lodges across the world in six different categories as per the feedbacks of the tourists and visitors those stayed there last year.

The website honoured seven thousand one hundred twenty three hotels across the world with the award. The hotels are awarded according to the analysis and number provided by the travellers worldwide, according to the website.


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