Nepal ranked 139th position in environment Index

Pollution emission from a brick kiln in Bhaktapur, Nepal.
In this file photo smoke emitting from a brick kiln in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Photo:

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Nepal has been ranked 139th in the Environmental Performance Index 2014 that spotted the performance of 178 countries on environmental issues ranging from air and water quality, fisheries, forests to human health and climate change.

Nepal stands 115th on Health Impacts while 177th and 133rd respectively on Air Quality, and Water and Sanitation in the EPI that assesses nine parameters, including Air Quality, Water and Sanitation, Water Resources, Biodiversity and Habitat, and Climate and Energy, Health Impacts, Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries.

Likewise Nepal succeeded to place 145th on Water Resources, 17th on Agriculture, 26th on Forests and 96th on Biodiversity and Habitat.

Unfortunately, Nepal failed to be ranked in Fisheries and Climate and Energy in the EPI.

The RPI was compiled on the basis of studies that the Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy, Centre for International Earth Science Information Network and ColumbiaUniversity had conducted in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (Geneva) and Ispra-based Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Italy.

SARC nations: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan stand 148th, 155th, 169th and 174th respectively in the index.

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