Half foreign job aspirants receive education

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–Half the Nepali foreign job aspirants have received their school level education, a research ‘Labour Migration Trends and Patterns: Nepal, Bangladesh and India’ revealed.

Carried out by the Asia Foundation in association with three local research organisations in those three countries, the study disclosed roughly 51.5 per cent of Nepali migrant workers accomplished only primary or lower secondary education.

According to the study, 46.5 per cent of Nepalis migrant workers are unmarried compared to 62 percent Bangladeshi foreign job aspirants.

Taking into account the migrant workers’ age, 57.4 per cent of Nepali migrants are below 25 years of age, while the Bangladeshi foreign jobseekers’ percentage at that age stands at 60 per cent.

The study was mainly revolved around migration cultures and procedures of Nepali and Bangladeshi migrants.


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