Violence against Nepali migrant women alarming


KATHMANDU, Nepal– Hari May Tamang (name changed), 26 of Kavre district landed South Korea, after her cherished dream of  tying knot with a Korean national fulfilled successfully a few months ago.

Although her happiness knew no bounds when she traveled new destination and was much satisfied as well as happy of conjugal life during her honeymoon period, however that could not last for a long time since it was momentary tactics weaved by Korean national.

Her Korean husband who had married another women some 5 years ago in Korea started to thrash Tamang  inhumanly as a result she became disabled.

Radhika Tamang (name changed) of Dhading, who also had gone to Korea after marrying a Korean citizen, eventually committed suicide in 2013 due to sexual and domestic violence by bridegroom.

These are the typical two examples of violence against migrant women workers who suffered a lot in South Korea.

‘Scores of Nepali migrant women workers are suffering from sexual violence in native land like Korea as the former could not collectively raise their voices against atrocities there,’ a woman who recently returned  back to Nepal from Korea told to media person in Kathmandu.

According to her, they should work round-the-clock there which is against the previous job contract and face great inequality in terms of other perks and facilities as determined by the government there.

Though there is a modern trend for any Nepalese citizen to land Korea and earn more money by any means, the cost they suffered is more expensive.

With the Asian nation South Korea has becoming lucrative job destination in the recent days; scores of migrant women are being victimized there in the latest days.

A survey carried out by National Human Rights Commission in Nepal has also portrait the gloomy pictures of Nepali migrant women working abroad as 30 percent of them in various countries are suffering from sexual violence of different nature.

The commission reached to the conclusion based on the direct interview to both the male and female workers in 15 various countries at their work place.

According to survey most of the migrant workers served in South Korea in different branches of Agriculture and the ratio of the sexual violence against women is all time high there.

According to Nepalese embassy in Korea a total of one hundred and fifty Nepali women migrant workers are toiling in various farm and construction works in Korea.



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