Sexual harassment rampant in public places

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KATHMANDU, Nepal– The sexual harassments against women are on rampant at the public places like vehicles, parks, hospitals, colleges and workplaces  in Nepal, a latest study shows.

The survey states that around 55 per cent women are the victims of sexual violence just because they are women.

In the survey carried out among women from 20 years to 49 years of age, around 75 per cent of them answered that they have experienced sexual harassment of one kind or other.

A majority of them complained that they frequently faced sexual harassment when traveling in public vehicles in the city and are forced to ignore it as they had no options.

The research also pointed out that most of the rape cases take place during evening and night. 34 percent women told that they were sexually harassed up to five times in a year.

Pratima Silwal who headed the survey said women were mostly victimized at public places while waiting for  public transports.

Chitwan Active Group under the Safe City Programme had made the survey at different public places in Chitwan — Pokhara Bus Park, Central Bus Terminal and Pulchowk.

The issue of molestation has never been raised publicly and the police have not taken any initiative to prevent harassment against women.

Earlier, a study carried out among women in major cities in Nepal–Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dharan, Biratnagar, Birganj and Hetauda revealed  huge number of women experienced sexual harassment at the workplaces.

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